LayaAir Engine

Support Canvas and WebGL mode rendering. Able to use ActionScript3, TypeScript, JavaScript programming languages for 2D, 3D, VR product.
With performance comparable to native app, developed once and target multiple release for HTML5, APP (Android and iOS), WeChat games and QQ WanYiWan at the same time.

LayaAir IDE

LayaAir IDE includes programming and visual design mode to make efficient work for coding and art design.
Design mode, support UI, particle, animation, scene and other visual editor functions.
Support third-party extensions such as Spine, DragonBones, TiledMap, Unity3D, built-in SWF conversion, Atlas packaging, JS compression and obfuscator, APP packaging, WeChat mini-games, QQ WanYiWan and other game release with other practical functions.

LayaAir IDE

LayaNative is a complete solution for the LayaAir engine for the development, testing and release into mobile native apps (Android and iOS).

LayaNative is based on LayaPlayer as core runtime, using reflection mechanism and channel docking solution to provide developers with secondary development and channel docking on native apps, and providing test tools, packaging tools, build tools, and so on. It facilitates for developers the packagage and released HTML5 project into native app.

Free basic learning service

The LayaAir engine provides free documentation for API, samples implementations, engine and tools.

Free basic learning service
Paid value-added services

An ecosystem technology based on free engine, Layabox provides a wealth of value-added services with technological advantages, including training and teaching, technical services, joint and custom R&D. Dev Partner of Tencent and Facebook, and other chinese and overseas mainstream channels.

Training and teaching session
  • Tencent classroom online video
  • Developer offline training
  • Enterprise training
  • Joint teaching with training institutions
Technical Services
  • Engine Instant Q&A Service
  • Engine function customization
  • Project problem solving
  • Project performance optimization